Terms and conditions

All animals that are for sale are bred by me, unless otherwise stated. They eat spontaneously, sheds, defecate on a regular basis and show no signs of illness. If you have difficulty with feeding or suspect any health problems, please contact me as soon as possible. I will do everything I can within reason to assist you.


Sexing policy

The sex of the animals is determined by using a probe. Animals with a probe dept around 6 scales are determined as female, animals with a probe dept around 10 scales are determined as male. Sex determinations will be made to the best of my ability. I do not give guarantee on the sex of young animals. I only give guarantee on the sex of animals that are sold as proven breeders.


Deposits and reservations

It is possible to reserve an animal through a deposit. The animal will not be considered reserved until I have received the deposit. All deposits are made on a non-refundable basis with only one exception: If I’m not able to provide you with the animal(s) you have reserved your deposit will be refunded.



It is possible to collect the reserved animal(s) at some of the bigger reptile shows in Europe, like Hamm in Germany or Houten in the Netherlands.


Shipping/courier services

The use of shipping and courier services  are at own cost and own risk.



Livestock sales are final. Returns are not permitted and refunds will not be issued on animals which have left my facility. As I have no control over the health and conditions animals are kept when they leave my care, it would jeopardize my collection to expose it to a returning specimen. 

Please do your research and think carefully about obtaining a Tree Boa. If you have decided to acquire an Emerald Tree Boa or Amazon Tree Boa, make sure you have a proper set up ready and tested before the animal arrive.


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.


With the purchase of an animal you accept the terms and conditions.

, do research, the best