All animals that are for sale on the available page are bred by me, unless otherwise stated. They eat spontaneously, sheds and defecate on a regular basis and shows no signs of illness. If you have difficulty with feeding or suspect any health problems please contact us as soon as possible. We will do everything we can, within reason, to assist you.

Waiting Lists
Because of lots of interest in some species we are breeding, we are working with a waiting list. If you are interested in snake(s) we are working with please contact us and we can tell you if there is a waiting list or not. Being placed on a waiting list does not obligate you to a purchase. It simply provides you the opportunity to get a better chance to get a specific animal and select specimens prior them being placed on our available page for public sale. Once we have decided which specimens will be available an email will be sent to the people on the list. We start at the top of the list and go down till all animals are sold, so it can be happend that you are on the list but not get an e mail because there are no more animals available for sale.

Deposits and reservations
It is possible to reserve an animal through a deposit. The animal will not be considered ‘reserved’ until I have received the deposit. All deposits are made on a non-refundable basis with only one exception: If I’m not able to provide you with the animal(s) you have reserved your deposit will be promptly refunded.

It is possible to collect the reserved animal(s) at some of the bigger reptile shows in Europe, like Hamm in Germany or Houten in the Netherlands.

Sexing policy

Sex determinations will be made to the best of our ability.

Livestock sales are final. Returns are not permitted and refunds will not be issued on animals which have left our facility. As we have no control over the health and conditions animals are kept when they leave our care, it would jeopardize our collection to expose it to a returning specimen. Any exceptions will be at our discretion.